March 6, 2015

Worship Night February 2015

“You created me inmost self, knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139: 13)

Worship night at St Gerard’s Church found true Worshippers who had gathered in one voice and one heart to proclaim God’s Love and Compassion. “There is no place I’d rather be, than in Your love” was sung over and over again by the worship leader of the night – Ryan Santoso. Together with his anointed team, he led the congregation to a place of a deep union with the Lord.

It was then followed by a talk delivered by our newly-ordained priest – Fr. Francis D’Souza, who shared on the topic “Designed by love to love”. He explained that God, in the beginning , blew His first breath to a man, giving man life and provided all that man would need in the Garden of Eden. He created man to love and be loved.

However, in our mistrust and pride, we fell short and broke this relationship. God is faithful and His love is unconditional. Today, He invites us to a fresh commitment for the old has passed and the new has come. Praise be to our God!

With the prayer teams made available, many were moved to seek God, seek for His grace, Strength and to be filled with love again once more, knowing that we are designed by love to love.

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