School of Mission

This programme is international, Catholic and dynamic - a 5 month fully residential training course aiming to form and train young Catholics as effective evangelisers. Whether in the home, parish and workplace or in full-time missions, you will learn to share the love of God through the witness of your life and through the active proclamation of the Gospel.

The School has two phases

The Formation Phase, deals with topics such as: The Fatherhood of God, Jesus and the Cross,
The Holy Spirit and the gifts, Building a Christian Character, The Church and Christian community,
Worship, Discernment and Intercession, Evangelisation and much more.

Daily life includes the Eucharist,
time for personal and communal prayer,
lectures, practical work and recreational activities.

The Mission Phase is the second part of the programme - one month devoted to direct evangelisation and mercy work in schools, Churches, prisons and out on the streets. Participants learn to reach out to society through the performing arts and their personal witness, in response to Pope John Paul II’s call for a “New Evangelisation”.

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