March 2, 2015

SOM 2015 - Week 1: Bonding Week

School of Mission 2015 has kicked off as we concluded an exciting first week of getting to know each other; bonding through various activities such as, ice-breakers, personal introductions, a jamming night and a day out at the Eastbourne beach. The participants were also introduced to their sharing partners and their respective cell groups, from whom they will have support and encouragement on their faith journey. They were also introduced to their respective in-house ministries.

At the end of the week, the participants underwent a Workshop, where each one offered a symbol of their aspirations of their time here at the School. One participant prayed that she would be formed as an effective fisher of men in leading people to Jesus, while another prayed the he would rise above the darkness through his encounter with Jesus, the Son and be the light to others.

We are now looking forward to this week's topic on “Father Heart of God.”

Please keep the participants in prayer as they seek to restore their relationship with God the Father, recognizing the Great Mercy and Compassion of the Father in Heaven.

Thank you for being part of this journey. May the Lord bless you most abundantly.

School of Mission 2015 Duc in Altum