March 16, 2017

South Island Outreach – Week 2 @ Church of the Holy Family, Wanaka and Church of St. John the Baptist, Alexandra

The team entered into the beautiful towns of Wanaka and Alexandra this week. On Sunday, the team joined the congregation at Wanaka, Cromwell, Alexandra and Roxburgh for the celebration of the Eucharist as well as presenting a sign language song as an invitation to join us for the seminars of the week. In the evening, at the youth gathering, the team ended up spending some time with the older parishioners who showed that they were very much young-at-heart. All present were reminded that the Bible was God's love letter to us, and He is always there to reach out to us. He is always there to pick us up and help us along the way. And no matter how old we are, He will always be our father and the love letter will always be relevant in all seasons of life.

While in Wanaka, we visited Holy Family Primary and shared the joy that Jesus is everyone's friend and has given His love regardless of whether we have been good or naughty. The same message was passed on to the students of St Gerard's primary, where we also shared the interesting fact that the missionaries were living in the very first church named after St Gerard Majella. Both students and teachers appreciated the messages shared and took part whole-heartedly in all the creativity, especially with the dancing!


 Positive feedback was received from the seminars held at both parishes and the most impressionable comment was when a parishioner stated that even with the mission team leaving, she hoped that the no matter how small a 'spark' that was created in the parish, it would somehow create a bigger fire somewhere. We pray that this statement becomes fulfilled with the amazing graces from our Lord! 

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