March 16, 2017

North Island Outreach – Week 1 @ St. Francis Xavier Church, Whangarei

A team of 16 missionaries started the journey to the north on Friday, 10 Feb 2017. The journey was long and awesome.  On the next day upon arrival, we presented our cardboard testimonies at the Youth Mass and it was a true blessing to witness the positive response of the parishioners as many were moved to tears by what God has done in our lives.

We were blessed to present to a group of 300 primary school students (Years 1-4) at St. Francis Xavier School on the third day of outreach through action songs, a mime and a fun dance. The students kept asking for more!

We were also privileged to reach out to the students at Pompallier College on the fourth day during their school assembly with the skit “Testify to Love”. This short skit that spoke of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross was well received by the students

Parish Seminar started off with the talk on the Father Heart of God and we ministered to the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier’s Church in pairs, comforting them by representing their parents. The first night ended with the parishioners queuing for personal prayer and to receive the Father’s love. The second night’s topic was Jesus, the Son of God. It was a time of deep reflection with the availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Parish Seminar ended with the topic on the Holy Spirit on the third night where parishioners were invited to the altar to receive prayer.

We also got a chance to spend some amazing time with the youth of the parish. We engaged with them through action songs, praise and worship. It is a joy to see them responding positively to the name of Jesus.