March 16, 2017


On the 11 March, a team of three ICPE staffs headed by Fr. Alliston conducted a one day retreat for the youth organized by the Missionary of Charities congregation sisters. We started of with a fun filled sing-a-long song to warm them up before we led them to a time of praise and worship. 

This was followed by a teaching on Father's Heart of God delivered by Fr. Alliston, and worksheets were given to them to reflect on their responses in terms of commitments for this Lenten season in view of the teaching they have received. It was later followed by a guided adoration by Sr. Hanah from Missionary of Charities with Sacrament of Reconciliation made available by our priest.  

We had a lunch break once we finished with the adoration session before we resumed with an Eucharistic Mass celebrated by Fr. Alliston. During the mass a testimony was delivered by Bibiana and all those who were present were touched by her life story. 

All in all we ended the sessions with a short message of thanks delivered by the youth representative.