November 16, 2016

Third Week of the School of Mission

The second week SOM teaching was as on ‘Sin & Salvation’ where the participants were challenged to distinguish the various voices in their lives – the world, the flesh, the devil and God. They focused on the theme of ‘Surrender’, where they looked into the surrendering of sins that they are holding on to, as that had become an obstacle in their relationship with God. Sin wasn’t just about the rejection of the will of God the Father but it also showed disobedience towards God by not trusting in Him and His goodness.

Participants got the opportunity to recognize the love of God through His sacrifice of Jesus. It was constantly emphasized during the week that God loves us and wants us to experience true freedom, which happens through the surrender to the lordship of Jesus. Various therapies to combat sin were introduced to restore their relationship with God. It is important to not just know about Jesus but to really know Jesus.

The prayer ministry session had participants placing their sins (on a paper) at the cross, entrusting themselves to the mercy of God. The night ended with songs of victory and praise!

Please keep the participants in your prayers as they’ve just started a new week on the topic of the Holy Spirit.

“Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

- Romans 8:39. 

Testimony of one of the participants:

During the week, I understood how important it is to believe in Jesus. I have learnt that I have to trust and cling onto Him, because by my own efforts I can do nothing. I have also experienced the treasure of the Bible. To know Scripture is to know JESUS!
- Dominik Moser

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