November 2, 2016

First Week of School of Mission 2016: Bonding Week

The participants of the school of mission got a taste of the school in the bonding week. It was a time of getting to know each other and was the beginning of forming new friendships. Each had an opportunity to share their different life stories and also their individual call to the mission school.

The week also consisted of a lot of games, a picnic day and a music jamming session. The games were a time for the participants to discover their inner child as some of the games involved their artistic skill in drawing and acting on the spot and some others involved water where they had to think on their feet.

The participants got to explore a bit of Wellington and surrounding scenic areas as we spent time at Rivendell in Kaitoke Regional Park followed by sport at Avalon Park and spent some time enjoying the view from the Mt Victoria lookout.

The Jamming session was a way to let loose, to sing and give thanks to God with one’s whole being. We saw the participants enjoyed praising God with their voices and musical instruments, some even trying their hands on certain musical instruments for the first time.

The bonding week was indeed a time for the participants and the staff to get closer to each other and work to the goal of being rooted in Christ by being ourselves and loving each other the way Christ has called us to.

Testimony of one of the Participants of the School: 

My highlight was the picnic with everyone in the community. I felt that through this bonding week, I was able to settle in comfortably. I didn’t feel like a stranger as everyone were very friendly and generous. It also helped me to get to know each of them as a personal level through their life stories. It made me feel like home and I am now prepared for the upcoming week of teaching. I know that I am in a safe and secure place where I can seek God earnestly with all my heart. 

– Louisa Cyprinus

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