April 4, 2015

SOM 2015 - Week 4 & 5: Holy Spirit and Spiritual Warfare

“You belong to God, children, and you have conquered them, for the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4: 4)

It has been an amazing 2 weeks with Maria Vadia sharing with us the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to engage in Spiritual Warfare.

The participants, including the staff, are enlightened, refreshed and empowered by the Spirit as we began each session every day with Praise and Worship, bringing the power of the Spirit within each of us to its fullness. The sessions were made interesting with Maria’s personal testimonies and experiences of the significance and power of the Holy Spirit in her life. The participants got to practice their spiritual gifts through out the sessions with each other and were encouraged to guard their tongues, so that their tongues are used to edify, encourage and empower others.

Now as we have entered the Holy Week, we ask for your fervent prayers so that with all that the participants have learnt about the Heart of the Father, Sin and Salvation, the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Warfare, the simple truth that God is Love be sealed in each one of their hearts!

Testimonies from participants on Week 4 & 5

We were told to practice Thanksgiving, especially in moments of problems and worries. As I looked at my biggest issues in life and started thanking the Lord for His faithfulness and breakthroughs, deep peace came into those areas and I was filled with lots of hope and joy. ~Sebastian Raber, Germany

He, who never sleeps nor slumbers never lets us out of His sight. How wonderful that is! Even when I stumble in disbelief, Jesus is ready to lead me back to the embrace of my Father.What love God has for me! Today, I fear no darkness because the light of Christ lives in me.Thank you for Your Spirit and for your unfailing love that is poured deep into my heart. ~Jokin Vallabaraju, India

School of Mission 2015 Duc in Altum