April 20, 2015

SOM 2015: Week 8 - Inner Healing

The Inner Healing week (week 8) has been one of breaking down and building up. During the course of this week, God has shown His faithfulness, kindness and mercy. We witnessed breakthroughs in the lives of our school participants. Many having come to the place of being vulnerable have allowed God to work in their hearts bringing healing to their spirits.

We are grateful for the anointed healer we have had in Diana who after tirelessly giving significant input, insights and reflections throughout the week also led the participants to a readiness for being ministered to in the prayer ministries. We concluded this week on ups and downs with viewing of the movie "Courageous".

We look forward to having the topic of “Worship” led by Derek as we resume after a week-long break. Do continue to keep all of us in your prayers that we may be protected and refreshed during this week.

God's abundant blessings!

School of Mission 2015 Duc in Altum

Testimonies from participants on Week 8 - Inner Healing

The first few days I had trouble connecting with the sessions and prayer ministries. But I prayed that God would reveal Himself in His own time, and I also know that a few prayer warriors were keeping me in prayer. So, I just tried to keep the faith. On the fourth day, God revealed to me a deep hurt from my childhood that I had refused to acknowledge or bring to light throughout my entire life. With His grace, I was able to be vulnerable, let myself feel the strong negative emotions of long ago and finally renounce them in front of His Divine Mercy. I’m thrilled to begin on a path of restoration as a daughter and woman of God. ~Beverley, Singapore

This week I was reminded of my many past hurts and each day, Jesus never failed to come into those hard times to shield me from the shame and tell me that I am unconditionally accepted by Him. ~Gabriel, Indonesia

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