December 7, 2016

Sixth Week of the School of Mission.

This week, the participants embarked on a time to grow in holiness as they had sessions on Christian Character. The participants were asked to look at the self and see the power of the tongue in the tearing down or up-building of our brothers and sisters. They saw the importance of practicing words of encouragement and also to respond to the call of being good stewards of God as God wishes for us to be collaborators in the work of creation, redemption and sanctification.

Participants were also reminded to be grateful of their daily experiences, to show gratitude to God’s daily blessings in their personal prayers, no matter how small they might be. They were shown the dangers of pride and how to ‘combat’ it through the virtue of humility.

We thank the speakers who shared God’s word along with their personal walk with the Lord. We thank Susilo, Wimpie, Fr. Alliston, Susan and Brian for their valuable teachings.

Please continue to pray for our participants as they enter into the week of Spiritual Warfare as they learn the power of intercessory prayers.

Sharing by one of the participants of the School of Mission 2016:

As compared to the previous weeks, this week was all about self-reflection, understanding and evaluating my own distinct character as a Christian. While at first I thought I knew the necessary virtues to be a true Christian, an in depth study of myself helped me see that I have to put in more practice and conscious efforts to develop a Christ-like character. I have begun this journey through the teachings on the virtues of stewardship, holiness, gratitude, humility and learning the power of words. It is humbling to see how God is using different circumstances to help develop my character. These circumstances always leave me with different choices and making the right choice is a matter of discernment, taking me one step closer to Jesus each time.
 - Michelle Almeida (India)

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