December 15, 2016

Seventh Week of the School of Mission

This week was on the topic Spiritual Warfare. The speaker for the week was Fr. John Rea who is gifted in healing and deliverance. Fr. John shared on the topics intercession, spiritual warfare, inner healing including healing of memories and defending oneself spiritually. He also spoke about the harmful effects of dwelling into practices of some of the new age philosophies such as yoga, palm reading, horoscope etc. It was indeed a new revelation for some.

The week’s teachings were challenging. The key message was that the deepest desire in all of us is to be loved and when we fail to receive pure love due to our past wounds and hurts, we are lost, and we are affected physically and spiritually. It is only through Jesus who is the supreme intercessor, through His sanctifying love we have life and are set free.  

Sharing by one of the participants:
The week has been a real eye opener for me and I have loved every minute of it.  Spiritual warfare has always been a surreal topic to me but Fr. John Rea really made it personal. I have realised that spiritual warfare is real and powerful and have also learned about the power of interceding for others. I feel like Fr. John Rea’s talk on intercession has brought all the participants closer together. We are learning to submit to God and resist the devil. Thank you ICPE and Fr. John Rea for a wonderful life-changing week.
 - Amanda Abraham
   (United Arab Emirates)