June 10, 2015

SOM 2015: Week 11 - Discernment

The participants of School of Mission 2015 this week head into another important week of their school. This week’s topic is on Discernment. The speaker for the first five days was our very own priest in the mission-Father Francis. He started off the week by explaining the essentials of making a good discernment.

Beginning with a quick history of the Ignatian way of discernment that we as a mission follow,he spoke about the attitudes that one who discerns must possess He included some practical techniques used in the process of discernment.

Father Francis ,through some group dynamics and the use of art work, the participants were encouraged to tune into hearing the voice of God and surrendering to his holy will.Next, through the use of Scripture, he showed them how one could hear God's voice.He explained the errors that could arise in the process as well.The participants were then invited to consecrate their lives before the Blessed Sacrament.

On the last day of the week, the participants heard the teaching by Father Kevin on 'Discernment in the Church'. The paerticipants saw the important role the Holy Spirit plays in the processof discernment and the need to submit to His promptings. The highlight of the talk was the fact that all of us are greatly loved by God and from the knowledge of being loved by Him,we can discern and do God's will.

Testimony by Bibiana Francis (Community Experience 2014-2015) from Malaysia

This has been an amazing and insightful week as Fr. Francis and Fr. Kevin spoke on discernment. I found the practical experiences and examples that he gave to be very helpful in my own journey, as well as to see errors I may have committed in my process of discerning His will for my life. The other thing that touched me was that the key to knowing God's will for me is to be in a living and loving relationship with God, trusting that He has a great plan for me. I need not worry about anything because He is Father and He will take care of everything and all I need to say is my 'yes' in faith!