November 8, 2014

October Worship Night

God showed His Faithfulness upon us this very evening (31.10.2014) as we gathered at St Gerard's Church to worship God as one Body of Christ. A great sense of freedom in the Spirit was felt, reminding all of God's greatness and the gift of family each one has been bestowed with. Archbishop John Dew was the speaker of the evening and the topic was "The Power of Family prayer.
This topic drew many from various parishes around Wellington, who came with anticipation and excitement. He shared his experience at the recent Bishops Synod in Rome about matters and issues in family life that were discussed. He shared that we learn to respond to His unfailing Love and encouraged parents to be role models. A family that prays together stays together… We pray that this evening is the beginning of a courageous and heroic response from all who were present so that we play our part in the renewal and restoration of families in New Zealand.