August 12, 2014

Another Priestly Ordination

On the 26th of July 2014, in the beautiful church of St. Lourdes, Bangalore (India), there was great rejoicing in the heavens as the ICPE Mission Community joyfully gathered to celebrate yet another ordination in the ICPE Mission Community!

A few words from Fr. Francis in memory of that special day “The day of my ordination in the Church of St.Lourdes, Bangalore on the 26th of January was one of the memorable and sacred moments of my life. As I lay prostrate before the altar with the choir singing the Litany of the Saints in Latin, I felt a tangible union of the 'Celestial' and the 'Earthly'. As the Archbishop placed his hands upon me and pronounced the words of consecration, I am unable to articulate my feelings as I realized that my dream had finally become a reality! All I can say is Jesus who is faithful met me in my brokenness, picked me up and moulded me into His servant Priest to serve His flock worldwide. Blessed be the name of Jesus!"