June 18, 2012

2012 - School of Mission - NORTH Island team - outreach report

The North Island team led by Mely made our first stop up north in Hamilton. The team of 16 were blessed with the opportunity to know Christ and make Him known in St. Columba's Parish. We conducted parish seminars and we also had the opportunity to meet the parishioners at home when we went door knocking.

As for the youths, we organised a gathering at St. Columba's over the weekend themed U-turn and God's Masterpiece. Besides that, we also conducted an outreach for the students of St. Columba's Primary School, mainly to share with them Jesus and the JOY that he gives us.
Overall, the North Island team truly had a memorable experience in Hamilton. We praise and thank God for all the wonderful people we met and who blessed us with their warm hospitality and really yummy food. Thank you Jesus!

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