March 16, 2012

Benilda, our new staff member from India

Hi, I’m Benilda Gonsalves from India, and a full-time missionary for Jesus in the ICPE Mission. During the last six years in India, I had the opportunity to journey with the youth, counseling and praying with them; helping with faith formation in the Parish; assisting at the ICPE Schools of Mission as also at the retreats conducted for schools and colleges. There were also opportunities to minister to prayer groups and other ministries beside the occasional missions abroad.

On 22nd January this year I was happy to move to the NZ Mission. I looked forward to get to know other brothers and sisters in the Mission, live in a Monastery and experience Community life with them. Acts 1:8 quotes Jesus instructing his disciples, “You will be my witnesses……to the ends of the earth.” I felt amused this was partly being fulfilled in me as I arrived in New Zealand!

From the time I arrived I have felt a special endearment for the people of NZ, even though I only know a few. The beauty of this place too is truly breathtaking. I am sure the Lord who brought me here will use me to draw many to Himself. I hope to have a very fruitful time here. Praise God.

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